SD-WAN and Security solution delivered from the Cloud (SASE Platform). Simple and groundbreaking technology!

Information and applications must be accessible to employees everywhere and at all times. Until recently, it was easy to securely connect the organisation when it had static and predictable traffic flows from headquarters to branch offices and data centres. But today's requirements have changed radically with the dawn of the cloud era. What Azure and AWS are to the application infrastructure, CATO is to a secure and scalable network. It's time for secure, fast and easy global connectivity for headquarters, branch offices, data centres, cloud solutions and remote users.

Cato Networks has a secure Software Defined WAN in the cloud, which is protected by a well-integrated suite of security services such as Next-Generation Firewall, VPN, Intrusion Prevention and Anti-Malware. The Cato Cloud connects all assets, including data centres, branch offices, mobile users and public and/or private cloud infrastructure, into a simple, secure and unified globally available network. No expensive connectivity solutions such as MPLS with an associated complex implementation of stacked box solutions. Or capacity limitations in response to rising demand. The legacy solution provides demonstrable overhead costs for maintenance and controllability. Which in turn leads to an insecure network.

CATO has solved this with their SASE cloud platform. And connecting your company securely and in a scalable way is easy again. No expensive hardware investments in advance and recurring expensive maintenance contracts. Everything is available in monthly billable and predictable costs. This makes Cato Networks not only pioneering in the field of technology, but also in their market approach.

With Cato Networks you only have one network, one security solution and one policy available worldwide with one click. No more update service windows, no more investment in expensive boxes on site that have to be installed, configured, managed and updated separately. Cato Networks offer the best WAN performance and lowest latency. So no more expensive MPLS connections are needed for the entire network, even in more difficult areas / continents.