In addition to our expertise in designing and building Software Defined networks, we are also able to manage these for you. With our services, flexibility and in-depth network knowledge, we ensure that organizations worldwide can communicate optimally and are accessible.​

Clientambassadors are your regular specialists who can be approached directly, without the intervention of ticket systems​
Premium services tailored to organization-specific requirements with the option of customization​
Short lead times for changes by automating as much as possible with the most modern tools. The assigned specialist handles the change from A to Z.
Omni-channel change management guarantees multiple communication options. We can be reached via Teams, Whatsapp, email and self-service portals and are an extension of the IT department.​

Added value: The great advantage of SD-WAN and SASE is the flexibility in the use of connections. The overlay (VPN) is separated from the underlay (physical connections). These connections can also be purchased via Elite Networks.​

We offer 3 options for outsourcing the management of your network. Together we determine which form suits your organization best:​

Full Managed​
Elite Networks takes care of the complete proactive management of your infrastructure, including and if desired the management of the physical connections or ISPs.​

Co Managed​
For customers who want to do part of the daily management themselves. Elite Networks then does the rest, such as major changes, 24x7 support and troubleshooting.​

Reactive Managed​
For customers who want to do the entire management themselves but want to fall back on Elite Networks for expertise.​

Do you want to know more about outsourcing your network? Are you hesitant to take this step? We understand the feeling and are ready to remove the uncertainties. Leave your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible.