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Network and security solutions for Logistics

Experience enhanced global connectivity, operational efficiency, and secure data exchange

Companies in the logistics sector face various challenges. Rising costs versus increasing customer expectations, and the need to efficiently deploy and secure digital infrastructure are just the tip of the iceberg. With our innovative solutions, we lay the foundation to make your organization agile and resilient against these challenges and any (unexpected) changes.

Why is a reliable network important in the logistics sector?

A reliable network is the silent force behind every successful logistics company, facilitating efficiency and innovation. It contributes to a smooth and secure data flow, allowing companies to operate proactively in a dynamic market. Concrete benefits are:

Insight into the logistics chain

Reliable networks enable efficient data exchange and communication, connecting and making every step in the chain visible, from producers and suppliers, to warehouses and end customers.

Real-time decision-making

Operational efficiency

Secure data transfer

The logistics sector possesses a lot of sensitive data, including customer information, supplier details, and financial data. Any data leak is one too many, so a secure network is crucial for your business. ​

Integration with modern technology


Why choose Elite Networks for the logistics sector?

New location 'up and running' within 2 days

For our logistics clients, we are capable of fully operationalizing a location within 2 days, even if the request came in a few days earlier. Because that's what the logistics service provider expects: professionalism and speed in handling changes, no administrative burden, and short lead times.

Specialized in connectivity in remote areas

We are ready for tomorrow!​​

External IT department for network and security

Our services

Check out our secure connectivity solutions. Ensure reliable and fast connectivity between different production locations, as well as within each location itself. This makes real-time tracking, inventory management, and other modern solutions possible.

Customer case: Vos Logistics

Vos Logistics is an international transport company with over 1200 trucks and distribution centers spread across strategic locations, totaling more than 325,000 m2. Their goal was to optimize the connectivity of locations to the data center. Key focus areas included phasing out expensive MPLS lines, creating more bandwidth for users, and setting up automatic failover to make connection problems of at least 2 hours a thing of the past.

Read more about the project and collaboration with Elite Networks here.

Ready for the next step?

Are you working in the logistics sector? Does your network need professionalization in terms of reliability, cost efficiency, and security? Then we'd be happy to schedule an introductory and orientation meeting with you. Let us know via our contact form, and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.

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