Network as a Service

Network as a service is the complete outsourcing of the network. Elite Networks facilitates the connections, hardware, software and the complete management and security of the network. Let us do the work and never worry again about your network infrastructure. And including a change from CAPEX to OPEX if required, to create a large degree of flexibility.

This service takes care of all aspects of network management, such as implementing changes, updates, 24x7 monitoring, detection, response and mitigation of network and security incidents. This ensures that the network is always in top shape and ready for your business activities. Network as a Service is based on a fixed amount per month with no surprises.

That way you know exactly where you stand. If desired, the monthly amount can also include one-off costs such as installation work and purchase costs of licences, hardware and software.
The advantages of Network as a Service:

Monthly fixed costs
24x7 Professional management and monitoring
Single Point of Contact