With Network as a Service, you outsource the management of your network to us. This means that we facilitate and manage the connections, hardware and software, including the security standards that we jointly determine.

What’s in it for you?​

From 'extinguishing fires', to more time for further development​
Your business-critical network is always up-to-date with the latest (security) standards​
You can go on holiday with peace of mind thanks to our 24/7 monitoring and follow-up​​
With the additional NDR you can even go on vacation for longer​​
Large initial investments are a thing of the past due to the OPEX model​​

Do my administrators have nothing to do anymore?​​
On the contrary, together we determine the work that arises from the topics Daily Operations, Management and Projects. Where Elite Networks mainly takes over activities that are part of the daily operation and management, the administrators now have more time for the projects that are often submitted 'ad hoc'. ​

Because do you recognize this too? Daily we hear that administrators are so busy solving other people's problems and that they are asked again and again for ‘small’ challenges. They hardly get around to what administrators really like to do: sit at the controls, build new things, be proud of the network they have built!​

In the ideal world we see that the activities for the IT department should be structured as follows per month:​

By sticking to these time frames, it becomes possible to actually do some innovation. Which unfortunately is often the case; this never actually works.​

That is why the importance of outsourcing is increasing. Where all kinds of SaaS (Software as a Service) services are seen as the solution for easier management of applications, NaaS (Network as a Service) is the answer to time management.​

Have you already made an overview of the work yourself or do you need help with this? ​

YES, I am interested to get insights of my daily work and would like to investigate whether this can be done more efficiently, without compromising our quality. Leave your details here.