Securing your network is a must. But where to start? Elite Networks has extensive experience in answering this question. We will stop cybercrime with the right design and management.

Right Design
Choices, choices, the market of security providers is growing all the time. How do you make the right choices? How do you avoid complexity and does the choice fit your unique characteristics?

We follow these steps:

Collect functional requirements​​
Collect legal requirements regarding compliance and (internal) policy​​
Determining knowledge maturity

We translate the collected requirements, requirements and wishes into a security design that is then provided with the best solutions. Read: what hardware and software do we need?

The degree of knowledge maturity provides insight into which management form best suits your organisation.​

Let Elite Networks manage your firewall​

Note: 99% of security incidents in which hackers gain access to the network through the firewall are not caused by the firewall itself. Managing the firewall rules is crucial in protecting your network. The firewall configuration is highly subject to several items:​

Changes of organizational properties​
Increasing threat of more complex cyber attacks​​
Staying compliant to regulations and laws​​

Investing in a new firewall with the right management service is often characterized as expensive. It is true that this investment requires some budget, but with the right policy and management, this security pays for itself, because you prevent hackers from gaining access to your network:​

Through proactive maintenance of your firewall​
Up-to-date change management​​

No SIEM tooling available? If desired, we onboard your network infrastructure in our SIEM tooling. Your infrastructure is then monitored 24x7 and is actively intervened by means of smart automation when necessary.​

Making digital environments secure is a must-have and not a nice-to-have

It happens a lot: environments are hacked, high-cost ransomware – directly and indirectly – to get rid of it, and countless attempts to shut down production environments.​

What we also hear a lot: 'I don't have anything they want', 'I don’t think anything like this will happen to me' and 'we have taken out insurance'. ​

In the period April 2021 – March 2022, there were 31 incidents in which the focus was on or could affect the Netherlands. Reason enough to get started securing your crown jewels this year.​

The situation is serious.​

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